MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis

MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis
As a person with MS, I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

Monday, August 20, 2012

4 on the Floor

   This piece of Clipart is how I felt I looked falling in front of Target in the crosswalk. 
   My husband and I were entering a Target store using the crosswalk to the entrance. Out came a gentleman holding a screaming young child which caught our attention. I know that with my MS I have to stay focused on my footing. Well we both got distracted by this screaming child and within a matter of seconds I was down for the count on my hands and knees. It was very busy with back to school shoppers, so this was entertainment for the shoppers, free of charge!
   Somehow my foot came in contact with his foot and the rest is history. I keep playing this over and over in my head to try and figure out what happened but I guess that I will never know. I am fortunate that I had jeans on and my knees didn't get all bloody. My knees, elbows and wrists were bruised along with my ego. BUT, my big toe took a beating. Don't know how though. My toe is swollen and purple. I think I jammed it.
   As it turned out my husband and I had the same thoughts regarding that screaming child. Was he being abducted? After all this was said and done we agreed that it was probably a dad removing his tantrum throwing child from the store.