MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis

MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis
As a person with MS, I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

Friday, October 26, 2012

This is my MS Life!

Multiple Sclerosis is a disease that is potentially disabling, physically and psychologically.

As a patient expert  This is my MS Life!

August 1977
    Yes I was living the perfect life. So I thought! Before starting a family we traveled a bit which included a cruise. It was after the cruise that we found out we were pregnant. Our daughter  
December 1981
arrived just in time for Christmas. We had four wonderful years, just the three of us. I felt that my biological clock was ticking and it was time for another baby. We now had a daughter so wouldn't it be wonderful to have a boy? So try, try, try we did. We didn't just have one boy we had two! At one time! Imagine that!

June 1986 

    Now life was good. So I thought! Over time I experienced some minor medical occurrences which were diagnosed and taken care of. 
    Then there were the unexplained symptoms that I experienced. Doctor prescribed prednisone and with time those symptoms disappeared. 
     I was getting yearly Flu Shots with no side effects until 1996. The day after the shot I was experiencing severe vertigo. I could not walk without holding onto the walls. 
    This is when Multiple Sclerosis reared its ugly head. Long story short, I was officially diagnosed with MS 11-10-97. Started Avonex 7-5-2001.
    And my MS Life continues!

As a person with MS,I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

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