MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis

MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis
As a person with MS, I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Enjoy a glass of wine!

   This is a little off the beaten path, but I want to share this totally delicious recipe with you.

   I love to cook but now dealing with MS I try to find simple and quick recipes. I was digging through all my recipes and found Betty Crocker best-loved casseroles. I purchased this mini recipe book on impulse located on the end cap of the check out lane in 2011. And now I will put it to good use.
   Finding a recipe using tuna I added the ingredients to my weekly shopping list. Well I made Tuna-Noodle Casserole and it was a hit! This recipe even had an extra boost- WINE.
Yes I said wine!
Well you have to taste the wine to be sure it is good!
    1/3 cup wine for the recipe and 1 glass for me. My husband just looked at me and said: "Please don't get looped before you finish cooking dinner!" Ha-Ha! Very funny!
   Well I can tell you I had fun making dinner that night and the casserole turned out fabulous.

Check out the link below for the recipe:
Tuna-Noodle Casserole

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Workout vs. Extra ZZZ’s?

An advisor at Prevention says skimping on sleep effects how we burn calories.
Read full article---
Workout vs. Extra ZZZ’s?

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where are the neighborhood Paperboys & Papergirls?

   I remember the days not long ago when the newspaper was delivered by a young boy or young girl. Gone are those days in NE Ohio.

   Our paper is now delivered in the wee hours of the morning unsuitable for young boys and girls to do. Young children had the opportunity to learn responsibility and at the same time get some good ole' exercise.
   I would like to see these paper delivery jobs given back to the youth of our neighborhoods. Could this possibly pull them away from the TV or the video games?
   Even though our paper is now being delivered by, in the newspapers mind, a RESPONSIBLE ADULT, we can't count on the paper being delivered by 6:00 am, or even being left in the paper box by our mailbox on the curb out of the elements.
   I have MS and can't go to the curb to retrieve my paper when there is snow on the ground. I sure miss the times when the paper was delivered right to my front door. I did not mind tipping the paper delivery boy/girl.
   Give the youth in our neighborhoods something to do when they get home from school. They might even be able to start saving money for that new bike!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Self Esteem and MS

This is me in high school. The early 70's! My boyfriend always sent me flowers, JUST BECAUSE!
     I did not have much self confidence in myself when I was younger. I was the oldest of four girls. I do recall when I was very young my Grandma asking me if I wanted something to snack on and remembering that I always had to have my mothers approval. Grandma would ask if I could make up my own mind? The answer was NO! My mother had a tight rope on us girls making us feel like we were not allowed or able to make our own decisions.
   Well long story short, I grew up being known as miss goody two shoes. My three sisters developed minds of their own and became free spirited! I was the one who took my mother serious. I knew she meant what she said.
   My lack of confidence and self esteem followed me all through school. I was an average student and knew that college was not for me. Fast forward~
   I married, it has been 35 yrs, and we have 3 adult children. I embarked on starting a craft business from home, when the kids were younger. Remember low confidence and self esteem. I was good at what I did and tried selling my creations at craft shows. I am not good at starting conversations with people, and when I do, according to my husband, I lack the ability to have total eye contact with the person I am talking to. This has also hindered me from developing new friendships.
  Since being diagnosed with MS in 1997, I promised myself that I would not hide in a corner because of this illness. Yes self esteem and confidence are things I work on everyday. I enjoy discussions with others about MS. I have the confidence needed in myself to share my life with MS.
  I have developed a website MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis and this Blog: My World of MS where I share with you all that I can about MS.
  I may still lack some self esteem, but I like myself and who I have become because of my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

Friday, January 11, 2013

If only I could be normal!

   This is a thought that I occasionally have. Why can't I be normal like other people?


    I have Multiple Sclerosis and after being diagnosed with this chronic illness, I have met many, many others living with MS. Try as I did, it was impossible to find someone else who was dealing with MS like I was. No two MS illnesses are alike. Is this normal?
   As Patsy Clairmont, an author and humorist, writes in her book, 'Normal is just a setting on your dryer', I now know that every MS illness has distinct differences.
     Have you ever wished you could:
  • run a marathon? (I can't even walk a marathon)
  • walk normal? (Well, not like I was drunk)
  • walk down the stairs normally? (Not falling down them)
  • have a normal conversation with a friend at a large gathering? (Instead of just nodding politely at what your friend is saying because you can't hear and understand what is being said to you)
  and etc.

   Free yourself from the pursuit of the unattainable, because NORMAL is just a setting on your dryer!

Here is a book written by Patsy Clairmont,  'All Cracked Up' that you might enjoy reading.

Sometimes if we try we can disconnect from tough problems around us, but eventually the network of fractures spreads to our front doors when a husband walks out, a loved-one is arrested, a friend betrays us, a church splits, a job is terminated, a diagnosis is bad, or a financial picture worsens. Suddenly with no place to hide from the reality we realize life is all cracked up. Through the lens of our pain everything seems broken, bruised, and battered. But, as best-selling author Patsy Clairmont points out, there's a redeemer of our pain--Jesus. The Redeemer of the broken and discarded who mends our hearts, and even gives us a reason to laugh again.
Telling inspirational stories of women's brokenness and healing, with tenderness and her trademark humor, Patsy Clairmont helps us realize that we're not alone in our struggles. Jesus buoys our spirits and refreshes our tired minds. As Patsy says, "life is so much easier to bear when its shared.'

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Thank you for your interest in my Blog. 

Thursday, January 10, 2013

What Do You See?

When you look at this picture do you see a quiet serene place to be?

   Yes, when I look at this picture that is what I see, a quiet, peaceful place to be. But, what makes up this quiet serene place?
   Can you see the rippling of the water? Or the snow capped mountain tops? How about the many sizes of the trees?
   In the hustle and bustle of our fast paced lives we tend to just see the big picture. How sad it is that we don't take the time to look at what makes up the big picture of our lives.
   I have MS, diagnosed back in 1997. I am on Avonex to help slow down the progression of this chronic disease. I am 58 yrs. old and recently had to go on disability. Why am I sharing this with you?
   Before going on disability I worked part time, raised a family, and have been married for 35 yrs. What did I see? I saw three kids instead of each individual person. I would leave work but could not mentally leave work behind. Well being married for 35 yrs., where did the time go?
   Fortunately I have slowed down allot. I now stop to smell the flowers. And guess what? When you do take the time to stop and admire a flower, it really does have a beautiful aroma.
   I recently had the wonderful opportunity to spend the month of December, in GA with my daughter and her husband as they prepared for the birth of their first child, our first grandchild. I have never traveled by myself let alone been apart from my husband for that long of a time. This was my time to reflect on my life with MS, where I have been and how my life with MS will continue.
   We did welcome into the world Olivia Grace who really is just so precious. What a beautiful Christmas present and addition to our family.
   Now when I look at the big picture of my life I see my children, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, granddaughter, family, friends, the work I do with MS, and me as a person with MS.
   Life is short! Please take time to smell the roses:)

   Thank you for your interest in my MS Blog! 
Here is a book that you might enjoy. 

Cathy-Ann M. Alexander's inspirational "Wise and Witty Words for Your Life's Journey" is one that's written to help you make a conscious attempt to live a positive life. It is very easy to get off the path of life and be distracted by the non essentials around you. When life seems challenging, always remember to stop and smell the roses. Live a little. Look past your fears. Run that marathon. Take that vacation. Climb that mountain. Laugh, pray, sleep, love, and love again. Life is not a bowl of limits, so allow yourself to explore the endless possibilities it has to offer. And, when it's all over, you can say that you have lived without regrets. "Wise and Witty Words for Your Life's Journey" will help to renew your spirit and set and achieve new goals. So, as you read these inspirations, allow yourself to be elevated to new limits.

Click on book to preview and order at Barnes&

Friday, January 4, 2013

MS Fatigue

   Multiple Sclerosis has many, many symptoms. The one MS symptom that drags me down everyday is fatigue. Yes I am 58 yrs. old and being fatigued should be expected. But why does MS have to drain the remaining last bit of energy out of me for the day?
   I am in bed by 11:00 P.M. every night. Like clockwork I am up at 3:00 A.M. to go potty. Most times I fall back to sleep and then I get up for the day at 8:30 A.M. I am thankful for my Westie who is eager and ready to start his day also therefore forcing me to get out of bed.
   Having had breakfast, taken care of the dog, showered and dressed for my day it is time for a few minutes of rest. All of my household chores including laundry which is in the basement, have to be broken down into 15-30 minute intervals with a rest period to rejuvenate myself. Dinners now are quick and simple. I do love to cook and when I have the extra energy I will make a meal that is guaranteed to have leftovers.
   I know my limitations and try to do the best I can to make it through the day. I am who I am and that's all I got!

   How do you deal with your MS Fatigue?

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 Fighting Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis By Lowenstein, Nancy A. (Google Affiliate Ad)

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Avonex IM Injection for Multiple Sclerosis MS

   Why does an injection that is suppose to make you feel better instantly make you not feel good?
  Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis MS in November 1997, I have been self injecting Avonex (this link will take you to biogen idec, look for therapies at the bottom left and click on Avonex) since July 2001.
  Every Thursday evening is my date with Avonex. My husband prepares the injection for me and I always head to the bathroom (for privacy) and self inject. I have been doing this injection for 11 yrs. now and it has not gotten easier. Just the thought of plunging this needle into my leg makes me shutter. I have requested a shorter needle because sometimes I felt that a bone in my leg has been hit. It hasn't but the shorter needle gives me peace of mind.
  Before going to bed I always take an over the counter Migraine Pain Reliever. I can always count on a headache during the night and this Migraine Pain Reliever makes it less severe. At about 3 - 4 A.M. I awake with flu like symptoms; fever, chills and body ache. These symptoms last until about 10 A.M. with a dull headache the rest of the day. 
  I have adjusted to these symptoms of Avonex and know that this is only a small price to pay in slowing down the progression of Multiple Sclerosis MS. 

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Accepting Limitations

Have you accepted your MS limitations?

MS My Ball and Chain!
   I have recently became a first time Grandma. I spent the month of  December, in GA, (I am from OH), with my daughter and her husband for the birth of their first child. This was a very trying time for me because I needed to step out of MY comfort zone. My main purpose of being with my daughter and her husband was for mental, emotional and physical support.
   My body has been adjusted to going to bed between ten or eleven o'clock p.m. I am usually up at 8:30 A.M. This is what MY MS body requires. Our baby girl to be had other ideas.
   Baby girl teased us with strong intermittent contractions that would stop. We even took a midnight trip to the hospital, bags in tow, only to be told she was having false labor. Tell that to a pregnant  woman who just wants to deliver her baby NOW!
   At 3 A.M. we headed back home, my MS ball and chain just a little bit harder to pull along and went to sleep until at least 10 a.m. that morning.
   Lack of sleep attributes to my MS Fatigue which therefore causes limitations to my daily activities. I accepted this limitation and moved on as best I could.
   On December 10, 2010 we headed to the hospital for the arrival of our new baby girl. Excitement and adrenaline flowing, I left my MS ball and chain home. Our baby girl arrived at 2 A.M. My mind, body and soul were so wrapped up in watching the birth of our baby girl that I forgot for a short time about my MS. 
Accept your MS limitations for what they are.
Be confident in who you are.
Press through your MS challenges.
Possess a persistent unstoppable spirit.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Be Confident

Be confident in who you are and where you are going.

Press through challenges. No hurdle is too great to jump over for those who possess a persistent, unstoppable spirit!

Obstacles may be in your path today. But you have what it takes to succeed.

You have extraordinary gifts and talents to share with the world. So live a life of excellence.

Reach Higher!

Go Farther!

You Can 
Accomplish More!