MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis

MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis
As a person with MS, I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Self Esteem and MS

This is me in high school. The early 70's! My boyfriend always sent me flowers, JUST BECAUSE!
     I did not have much self confidence in myself when I was younger. I was the oldest of four girls. I do recall when I was very young my Grandma asking me if I wanted something to snack on and remembering that I always had to have my mothers approval. Grandma would ask if I could make up my own mind? The answer was NO! My mother had a tight rope on us girls making us feel like we were not allowed or able to make our own decisions.
   Well long story short, I grew up being known as miss goody two shoes. My three sisters developed minds of their own and became free spirited! I was the one who took my mother serious. I knew she meant what she said.
   My lack of confidence and self esteem followed me all through school. I was an average student and knew that college was not for me. Fast forward~
   I married, it has been 35 yrs, and we have 3 adult children. I embarked on starting a craft business from home, when the kids were younger. Remember low confidence and self esteem. I was good at what I did and tried selling my creations at craft shows. I am not good at starting conversations with people, and when I do, according to my husband, I lack the ability to have total eye contact with the person I am talking to. This has also hindered me from developing new friendships.
  Since being diagnosed with MS in 1997, I promised myself that I would not hide in a corner because of this illness. Yes self esteem and confidence are things I work on everyday. I enjoy discussions with others about MS. I have the confidence needed in myself to share my life with MS.
  I have developed a website MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis and this Blog: My World of MS where I share with you all that I can about MS.
  I may still lack some self esteem, but I like myself and who I have become because of my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.