MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis

MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis
As a person with MS, I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

Monday, February 3, 2014

What NOT to Ask at Your Annual Wellness Visit

Caution: Not all wellness visits follow the protocol as written below! Check with your doctor and/or insurance provider.

What is a Wellness Visit?

An annual visit with a primary care physician (PHP) to receive your yearly physical and discuss your health.

Annual Physical Exam: The Basics
The physical exam is an essential part of any doctor's visit. Surprisingly, though, there are no absolutes in a routine physical. A good doctor may be thorough or brief, according to your individual circumstances, any new medical concerns you may have, and his or her personal style. A good doctor will spend time listening to your concerns and providing counseling for your particular needs.

Most people have experienced many aspects of the annual exam.

History. This is your chance to mention any complaints or concerns about your health. 
Your doctor will also likely quiz you about important behaviors, like smoking, excessive alcohol use, sexual health, diet, and exercise. The doctor will also check on your vaccination status and update your personal and family medical history.

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I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 1997 and I have two doctors, my Neurologist and my Primary Care Physician (PHP). I see my Neurologist every 6 months and my (PHP) once a year for wellness visits or as needed.

In November of 2013 I had my yearly wellness visit with my (PHP). Everything went well and I had a new medical concern that I discussed with her. Remember I have MS and I was experiencing something out of the ordinary. This was my chance to mention any complaints or concerns about my health right? 

My statement arrives from this worldwide known health care facility and I was charged for TWO visits, for the same day, 1 preventive visit and 1 office visit. I make the call to inquire as to why I was charged for two visits?

Are you sitting down? (I know you are) Well here it goes~ I was charged for 2 visits because my new medical concern had nothing to do with my preventive visit. But she is my (PHP) and shouldn't I mention any new medical concerns I have? I remained calm, (inside I was doing a slow burn). The customer service person tells me that there is an allotted time for preventive exams and asking about a new medical concern adds more time to the appointment thus the additional visit charge. I added, (with a little irritation in my voice), that I was asking about an MS symptom, which the doctor knows I have, and if this is something that should be further checked? This customer service person stood firm with the way it was billed. 

I questioned her about future preventive visits and asked if I should remain quiet and not express any new medical concerns? And she said yes.
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