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MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis
As a person with MS, I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

MS related Body Sensation Symptoms

My feet are mighty tingly  
and walking's not so easy.
Could you please lend me a seat 
so I can rest my MS feet?

Sensory Symptoms are a group of symptoms in multiple sclerosis that are related to bodily sensations such as tingling, itching, burning, difficulty in ascertaining joint position, and tightness--described as a constricting feeling such as a girdle, band, or glove. Sensory Nerves are nerves that relay information from your skin and muscles back to your spinal cord and brain. The information is then processed to let you feel pain and other sensations.

Lhermitte's Sign is another common MS symptom, that is a sudden painful electric sensation radiating down the neck as it is flexed. 

I also experience tightness of the skin on my feet and fingers. Stretching and expanding my toes and fingers helps loosen the tightness.  

Use this hand stretch daily to ease tightness.

One of the MS symptoms that I live with 24/7 is the feeling of pins and needles on my feet and hands. This is also known as paresthesia, spontaneously occurring sensations of burning, prickling, tingling, or creeping on the skin. This is one of the primary symptoms of multiple sclerosis. These sensations are caused by the areas of damage on the myelin of the central nervous system.

Some people with multiple sclerosis suffer from sensory ataxia, which is severe numbness in their feet that they cannot feel the floor or know where their feet are, which may lead to a loss of dexterity or clumsiness, even though there may be no symptoms of weakness involved.

Another MS symptom is neuralgia. This is a nerve pain that can be severe. It appears along the length of a nerve and arises within the nerve itself, not in the tissue from which the sensation seems to arise. 

Sensory nerves are nerves that relay information from your skin and muscles back to your spinal cord and brain. The information is then processed to let you feel pain and other sensations.
In the evening when I lay down for the night I really feel the tightness, nerve pain and the pins and needles in my feet and legs. It takes me awhile to find a comfortable position to avoid the nerve pain felt in my hips, legs and feet. My legs can't be laying on top of each other, my hips often feel like I am laying on a rolled up blanket and my feet I just try to make comfortable in the position I lay in.

Treatment options: Medications used are some antidepressants such as Nortriptyline which are effective in nerve pain, and some anti-seizure medications such as carbamazepine, gabapentin, and others. Duloxetine hydrochloride has been approved for peripheral nerve pain and may also be used for the pain related to MS.

Regular exercise and stretching do reduce certain kinds of pain, particularly back pain and muscular pain. Such activities also help with fatigue and increase a sense of well-being.

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Using this stress ball will help relieve the tightness you feel in your hands from MS.

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