MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis

MS MobilityStrength Multiple Sclerosis
As a person with MS, I bring a personal commitment to the work I do.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I Kissed the Bucket

It was a typical fall Saturday morning, breezy and cool. I could look out into the woods and see the many beautiful changing colors. This time of year is quite serene as the trees give up their leaves.

Lots and Lots of Raking!!!

I was eager to start my day with raking some of the multi colored leaves that had already fallen. I somewhat enjoy raking leaves because I look at it as exercise. I must say though, as the seasons change so does my desire to get outdoors. I would rather be indoors where it is warm with a cup of hot tea than outside in the cold. 

After about an hour of working in the yard I began to notice my MS was starting to battle with me. There is allot of twisting and turning of the body and head (which may cause dizziness) when raking and I started to notice a little balance issue going on. But I am tough and not going to give in to MS. Taking many short breaks I thought my MS body was under control. NOT!

There were some leaves in the street that were saturated with water from the recent rain so I decided to put them into a utility bucket and carry them to the backyard to dump onto our leaf pile.

As I was walking to the backyard through the garage I made a snap decision to place the bucket down just outside of the door instead of carrying it all way out to the leaf pile. As I stepped down out the door, I tried to stop, and also leaning slightly forward to put the bucket down my MS body decided to just keep going forward (this is called dysmetria, over or underestimate the extent of motion to place an arm or leg in a certain position). Well everything happened so slow but so fast as I fell forward. My upper left arm and chest hit the rim of the bucket, bounced and right below my lip, hit the rim of the bucket cutting it open. God was watching over me as my husband who was a few steps behind me came to my rescue.

Laying on my back on the cold wet ground I was trying to catch my breath. I laid still not wanting to move. Once we determined it was alright for me to move I felt a coolness on my chin only to find out I was bleeding. Yes my dear friends I had kissed the bucket. We have to laugh because this utility bucket is now oval at the opening instead of round. The rest of the day and night were spent taking care of my cuts, bumps and bruises.

After a painful sleepless night we were able to see the injuries I incurred to my body. Black and blue, swollen and cut below the lip. Huge bruise on upper left arm and chest that has turned every color of the rainbow. Ribs bruised, still hurts to sneeze or cough. Scraped and bruised left knee. 

Call me silly, call me stupid or just plain nuts, but after a week of bed rest I am back out in the yard trying to rid our yard of all the leaves that have found a new home. I refuse to sit here and cry whoa! is me. 

And by the way, yes MS has won this battle. There will be more battles with MS, but I most definitely will win this war. 

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